Fair Trade masks made in South African townships

Township masks are produced in women-owned cooperatives operating in township communities outside Cape Town.

The Township team

Seven women-owned cooperatives have been operating for many years in partnership with Township. More than 50 women are working in the communities of Khayelitsha and Manenberg outside Cape Town, South Africa. Meet them!

Our response to the Covid-19 crisis

Adding face masks to our conference bags offering, we keep our cooperatives running, saving more than 50 jobs in the communities and we continue to create beautiful, high quality, sustainable products. 
Enjoy your township mask!

Sustainability Impact Report

Poverty Eradication

50 women and more than 300 dependants are supported by our business.

Women Empowerment

50 women benefit from sustainable jobs and own their business.

Economic Impact

More than EUR 1mi paid out to the cooperatives since 2006.

High Labour Content

Cooperatives members earn 25% more than textile sector wage.

Cooperatives as role models

The cooperatives play a crucial role model in sustaining the townships economy.

100% African cotton

We only source local Southern African cotton  grown in tropical area.

Township Inspiration

"When I first invited to visit the homes of a group of women in Khayelitsha in 1992, I encountered an abundance of patterns, colours and textures and was struck by the ingenuity, creativity and flair of the township life. I discovered a beauty, a style and a spirit that I had never seen before. From that moment, I nursed a desire to express and translate the originality and style of township homes into unique prints. I also recognized the energy and potential of these women and felt compelled to help them find meaninful opportunities that would convey their heroic spirit and creativity" - Township Founder, Nicole-Marie Iresch